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Sun12 Jul9:00aBeginning Speedlight Photo
Sun12 Jul4:00pBeginning Photo
Sun12 Jul7:00pIntroduction to RAW Photo Short Course
Mon13 Jul10:00aProjects & Assignments
Tue14 Jul9:30aLightroom Workshop I: Import & Export
Sun19 Jul9:00aBeginning Macro Photo
Tue21 Jul9:30aLightroom Workshop II: Organize Your Photos
Thu23 Jul10:00aIntro to Photoshop
Thu23 Jul6:00pIntro to Photoshop
Sun26 Jul9:00aAdvanced Macro with Speedlight Workshop
Thu30 Jul10:00aLightroom Workshop I: Import & Export
Thu30 Jul6:00pCompositing Course
Thu6 Aug10:00aLightroom Workshop II: Organize Your Photos
Thu13 Aug10:00aLightroom Workshop III: Basic Photo Editing
Thu20 Aug10:00aLightroom Workshop III: Basic Photo Editing
Thu27 Aug10:00aLightroom Workshop IV: Black & White Processing
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digital photography and photoshop classes, courses & workshops

Want to learn how to use your camera? Maybe you already have a good understanding of your camera and want to learn Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Lightroom? Perhaps you're interested in exploring your creativity, or learning about studio lighting?

firefly53 studios, in Pembroke, Massachusetts has a photography school run by award-winning photographers Stephanie Grenadier and Tim Waite.

From absolute beginner, to advanced photographer or artist, firefly53 offers a range of classes and workshops focused on getting you the training you need to take the photos you want, and maybe even the photos you don't yet know you want! With years of experience teaching technical topics, creative classes, and photography and software related classes, Tim Waite and Stephanie Grenadier bring loads of hands-on knowledge and present it in fun and sometimes unusual ways.

New photographers and digital camera owners

If you're a newcomer to photography, you have two options to learn more about your camera and photography, you should start with the Beginning Digital Photography course.

This six-week course is for photographers with DSLRs, MILCs, or similar cameras that offer the photgrapher full manual control.

Intermediate and Advanced photographers

Photographers that have already taken a Beginning Digital Photography course, or who feel completely comfortable shooting in full manual mode, may be interested in continuing to develop their skills with the Intermediate Digital Photography Advanced Digital Photography courses.

If you're already comfortable with your camera and you want to explore more creative avenues, then the firefly53 team also offers several classes and workshops around manipulating your photographs. From more traditional photo development, like using the features and functionality offered in the Lightroom Basics Course, to more advanced photo manipulation, using Adobe Photoshop, we can help you expand your creative vision.

Workshops that target specific styles of photography are also available, with new offerings being added regularly. For example, you can learn some essential Studio Lighting techniques, or explore the fascinating world of Macro Photography.

Software training for all levels

Photographers new to Photoshop will find our Intro to Photoshop Workshop useful in helping to understand the basics of working with Photoshop. The next step is to learn about some of Photoshop's really powerful features, such as layers and masking, in our Photoshop Layers Workshop.

Adobe's new Creative Cloud subscription system puts Photoshop within the reach of almost everyone; Photoshop is no longer just for professionals! You can read a quick article about Creative Cloud and how it can help you gain access to the most popular image editing software in the world.

Creativity and Composition

No matter your skill level, Stephanie and Tim jointly guide a Creative Photography class, where you will explore your own vision, and learn how to improve your photography in a way that interests you. Through group and individual exercises and assignments, we work with you to spark your own creativity, and to help you develop your own artistic style.

Private and Customized training

Don't see a class or workshop that fits your particular needs or schedule? We can help with that, too. We can work with you to create personalized training on just about any topic you desire, simply call us at 781.826.6792 or use the contact us form and let us know what you're looking for.

Do you have a small group of friends or co-workers that could use some training? We can schedule private classes and workshop for your group, too. We can provide your group with one of the existing course or workshops, or create a completely custom-tailored offering. Give as a call at 781.826.6792 or use the contact us form and let us know what you're looking for.