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Tim Waite, your primary photo instructor, is a little different! He loves photography, photographers, and being silly in front of and behind the camera.

Are you new to firefly53 studios?
If you've never taken a course with us, take a moment to browse our class listings and descriptions.

Most of our photography friends start with our popular Beginning Digital Photography Course, but there are other offerings if you're already comfortable with your camera.

Why should you choose firefly53?
First, you've probably never had as much fun learning new things as you will with us!

We're passionate about art and photography, and we're invested in our students and their ideas. What this means is that we take what we do seriously, even though we have a lot of fun, and we work hard to help people find and refine their own shooting style.

It's very important to us to help our students learn how to share their vision, not ours. We don't try to make everyone photograph or use software the way we do, rather we try to learn about each photographer, as an individual, and help them to grow in a way that suits them.

It takes time and energy, for us and the student, but we love helping people learn to express themselves in their own, unique way!

Where do you start?
Creating a firefly53 account is the best place to start. You'll need an account to register for classes, workshops, and other events. Creating a firefly53 account also puts you on our email list, and you'll get updated course information, including scheduling, a couple times a month.

Like we said near the top of this page, most people start with the Beginning Digital Photography Course, and we recommend it even for people who have experience with manual exposure and film cameras.

If you're totally familiar with the concepts of exposure, including a good grasp on how shutter, aperture, and ISO can potentially affect your shots, then you might want to start with one of the more advanced courses.

What kind of camera do you need?
Each course and workshop has its own requirements, and you can see the requirements on the offering's details page. Some offerings will require that you have a camera that allows full manual control, some of our creative offerings only require that you have some kind of camera, even a mobile phone will do!