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Advanced Macro with Speedlight Workshop

Get control over your light as you shoot close-up!

Experience level: Intermediate/Advanced
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speedlight macro 7 - by Renea Warnock, 2015
speedlight macro 3 - by Ena Flynn, 2015
moth - by Tim Waite, 2015

If you're already interested in macro photography, and understand how to use your speedlight, get ready for some insanely fun adventures!

In this workshop, you'll be introduced to some useful techniques for creating some dramatic macro photos like the ones on this page.

One of the difficulties of macro photography is getting enough light at quick enough shutter speeds in existing light. When you bring your own light, that becomes much less of an issue! Whether you're shooting in broad daylight, or indoors, if you own a speedlight you are in total control.This workshop is limited to 6 participants, so please register early!

To take full advantage of this workshop, you should have a good understanding of macro photography, and how your speedlight works. The ability to shoot with your speedlight off-camera is extremely useful, because you'll be able to have greater control over how your light falls on the scene.

A tripod can be useful if you find holding the camera in one hand and the light in the other too difficult.

During the first part of the workshop we'll learn and practice the techniques for lighting macro scenes. If weather permits, we'll move outdoors and see how we use the power of flash to override existing daylight to create powerful images!

grasshopper comparison

In the photos above, the left one shows how capturing a handheld shot of two grasshoppers becomes difficult; in macro photography, a lot of light is needed to get sufficient apertures, shutter speeds, and low ISO numbers. The shot on the right makes use of a small flash with a diffusing panel to throw enough light to use those exposure values more effectively.


  • A camera with a fully-charged battery and storage card.
  • A "true" macro lens, capable of 1:1 magnification.
  • A speedlight and remote commander, so that you can use the speedlight off-camera. You can use a shoe-mounted speedlight, however that is much less flexible.
  • Some sort of diffuser for your speedlight, to spread your light over a larger area. I strongly recommend the ExpoImaging Rogue FlashBender kit from Adorama; it is lightweight, throws good light, and is literally very flexible!
  • A drink and a snack, perhaps.

Please read the Speedlights for Macro Workshop page for more information about an appropriate speedlight.

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