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Beginning Speedlight Photography

Get your start with external flash units, and gain more control over light!

Experience level: Intermediate/Advanced
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Daddy - by Tim Waite, 2014
Speedlight - by Tim Waite, 2015

The term, "Speedlight", refers specifically to Nikon's line of external flash units, but the word has become so common that it is used to describe any compact external strobe unit, much like Kleenex is often the defacto word people use for facial tissues.No special equipment required! If you do not own a speedlight, you can still participate!External flash units, offer more flexibility in lighting than the average camera's built-in flash. In this workshop, we'll use inexpensive and simple flash setups to explore how we can gain better command over insufficient lighting, or lighting that is too harsh or "contrasty".

The first part of the class will be in the studio, where we'll talk about how these lights operate, and how they can be useful. We'll learn about how we control the brightness of the speedlight, and how to position it for effect.This workshop is limited to 5 particpants, so please register early!Along with the speedlights themselves, we'll learn about some popular light modifiers, like softboxes and other popular diffusers.

Next, weather permitting, we'll move outdoors and learn to use the lights outside. Yes! Speedlights are very useful, even in daylight!

If you own a speedlight, you may bring it! If you want to purchase a speedlight prior to class, check out the Speedlight Guide for more information and suggestions.


Students must understand the exposure triangle very well!

Each student should bring:

  • A camera with fully-charged battery
  • One or more lenses with focal lengths below 90mm
  • A drink and a snack
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