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Introduction to RAW Photography Short Course

Learn how to start shooting RAW files for better control and quality of your photographs!

Experience level: Intermediate/Advanced
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dried flower macro - by Tim Waite, 2015

Most photographers begin to demand more from their photographs as they become more technically proficient and comfortable with their camera. Everyone starts out shooting their photographs in JPEG, which is a compressed image format, and which discards information as part of the compression process.

The compression algorithms most camera manufacturers use are high-quality, and preserve much of the photo's quality, but every JPEG photo loses something in the processing that occurs in the camera's computer brain!

The biggest advantage of RAW files is the fact that they capture all of the information that your camera's image sensor saw, and do not process or discard any information. This means that you can do much more in the post-processing phase (modify color temperature, exposure, etc.) than you can with a JPEG.

A RAW file is typically much larger than a JPEG photo created from the same information, but it offers so much more flexibility in correcting errors in exposure, color, contrast, etc. The RAW file is larger, because it usually contains much more information than the JPEG!

During this three-week short course, we'll introduce you to the differences between RAW and JPEG, and how RAW files offer you so much more power. We'll shoot in RAW, and then learn how to process them in either Photoshop or Lightroom.


You will need the following things for class:

  • A camera capable of shooting RAW files
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC and/or Adobe Photoshop CC installed on your computer/laptop
  • A computer/laptop that you can bring to each class
  • All cables and power supplies required for your computer/laptop

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