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Paint With Light Workshop

Experiment with Light and Long-Exposures!

Experience level: All Skill Levels
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Join other adventurous people for an evening of experimental photography!

During this workshop we will use various techniques to capture light, in motion, creating colorful and abstract images with long exposures.

We will start our adventures in the studio, discussing long-exposure techniques, and will do an exercise or two to reinforce the concepts. Next, we'll take it outdoors and try some interesting experiments.

Open to ages 13 and up, though photographers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Limited to 8 photographers, so register early!


  • A flashlight for seeing your way around in the dark
  • A tripod
  • Any camera that allows you manual control of exposure
  • A lens with focal lengths around 60mm or below (for wider angles of view)
  • Fully charged camera batteries, and flashlight batteries!

Optional: Additional portable light sources, like glow sticks, LED lights, etc. Nothing that requires a flame, please!

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