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Lighting Essentials I Workshop

An introduction to lighting techniques, using strobes and speedlights

Experience level: Intermediate/Advanced
Saturday, 08 April
(10:00am to 1:00pm)

Instructor: Tim Waite
Time: Saturday, 08 April
from 10:00am to 1:00pm
Course price: $85.00

Number of classes: 1
Age requirement: Ages 16 and up
Training location: firefly53 studios

course dates
08 April

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In this three-hour workshop, you will be introduced to the key concepts of lighting using artificial light sources, including studio strobes and speedlights, as well as light-modifiers, such as light boxes, beauty dishes, speedlights, studio strobes, reflectors, and umbrellas.

This workshop will focus on the basics of lighting, and how to control the look and "modeling" of the light.

The first part of the workshop will be a lecture and demonstration, illustrating the key concepts and tools used for studio lighting. The next part will be practical, hands-on application.

No special equipment is required!



You should fully understand the Exposure Triangle. If you have taken firefly53 studio's Beginning Digital Photo course, or have equivalent knowledge/experience, you will be prepared for this workshop.

No special equipment is necessary.

If you don't have a camera, that is fine; you are welcome to use the firefly53 camera.

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