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Lightroom Workshop I: Overview & Import

Part I of the Lightroom Workshop Series

Experience level: All Skill Levels
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Lightroom Pressure Gauge Comparison - by Tim Waite, 2013

In order to assist photographers with Lightroom, I am now offering workshops that deal with more-specific topics, so that they can get assistance directly with the things they need to work on most.

This workshop focuses on Importing and Exporting your photos. Lightroom is a great image management and editing tool, for photographers at all levels, and this first workshop in the series focuses on how to get your photos into, and then how to save them for use in other applications, like sharing on social media sites, or for emailing.

Some of the topics we'll discuss:

  • An overview of Lightroom's photo management and editing capabilities
  • Understanding Lightroom's catalog; what it is and isn't
  • How to prepare your Lightroom installation for better organization
  • Identifying a personal "workflow" which allows you to better organize and manage your photos
  • Importing your photos into a Lightroom catalog, from your camera, or photos that already exist on your hard drive
  • Keywording or adding "tags" to make future searching for photos easier

Lightroom Workshop Series:
Lightroom Workshop I: Overview & Import
Lightroom Workshop II: Organize Your Photos
Lightroom Workshop III: Basic Photo Editing
Lightroom Workshop IV: Export for Print & Internet
Lightroom Workshop V: Black & White Processing


* Lightroom CC (2015) installed and registered. *

A computer and related cables, including power cables and anything else required to use your computer. You may bring a laptop or desktop.

If bringing a desktop, please arrive 20 minutes before class!

Bring a drink and a snack for yourself!

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