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Photoshop Layers Workshop

Learn how to effectively use layers to turn photographs into works of art.

Experience level: Intermediate/Advanced
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Learn how layers help you to build more complex images, by taking advantage of Smart Objects, Adjustment Layers, masking techniques, and blending Modes.

During this three-hour workshop, we will discover just how powerful layers can be! We'll start with simple layering techniques, such as using Photoshop's blending modes to use one layer to affect the look of the layer below. Once we understand blending modes, and how they can change the look of the overall image, well move on to targeted layering, where we'll create layer masks to affect only some part of the layer below.

As we develop our skills, we'll also learn the usefulness of adjustment layers, and smart objects.

This workshop is relatively advanced, and will require at the very least a basic understanding of image files, how to open and save image files, and the various image file types.


You should have a solid understanding of image editing, either in Photoshop or any other photo/image editing software. If you're not already comfortable with file formats (JPEG, TIFF, PSD), then you should consider taking the Intro to Photoshop workshop, which teaches you the fundamentals of using Photoshop.

  • A computer or laptop with a registered copy of Adobe Photoshop version CS5 or above installed.
  • All cables and accessories, such as monitor, mouse, etc.
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