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New! Color Calibration Workshop!

As students get more sophisticated, they begin to understand that they need to take more control over how their camera and computer capture and display color. This new workshop addresses getting accurate white balance & color calibration of display devices.

You don't need to purchase anything to take part in this workshop, but the purpose is to learn which color calibration system(s) are right for you.

At the end of the workshop you'll have a more complete understanding of how the camera and computer work together to display accurate color!

Read the workshop details!

New Lightroom Workshops!

So many of you have asked for refreshers with Lightroom on specific topics, I've added three new Lightroom workshops that break things down into topic-related learning. Essentially, three modules that each cover one broad aspect of Lightroom's capabilitites.

I will try to schedule each module to run every few weeks, on different days and times, in order to fit people's needs and schedules.

Check them out!
Lightroom Workshop I: Import & Organize
Lightroom Workshop II: Basic Photo Editing
Lightroom Workshop III: Exporting Photos

Photo Walks have resumed!

Warmer weather is here, and nature is beginning to display her colors! Join us for some fun photo walks!

The Down to Earth Macro Adventure photo walk is a great opportunity to get down low and work magic with your lens. If you're interested in slowing things down, come and get creative with the photo walk, where you'll use your Neutral Density (ND) filter to capture motion with slow shutter speeds in broad daylight.

New! Advanced Photography Course!

Many of you that have taken a Beginning Photo Course have asked for an advanced course, and after much planning, I added an Advanced Digital Photography Course.

The follow-up to the Beginning Photo course expands on what you've learned and adds more complex assignments. Six classes long, the Advanced course will challenge you in many ways!

Check it out!

Gift certificates available now!

Are you looking for a nice gift for a photographer in your life?

firefly53 is now offering several options for purchasing gift certificates online, which you can easily purchase and print within a few minutes!

Visit the gift certificate page for more details.

firefly53 team wins awards!

South Shore Art Center's annual Blue Ribbon Member's show opened on July 19th, and features over 175 works of art. This exhibition is a lot of fun because there is no common thread, other than each of the works belonging to a member of South Shore Art Center, which means a wide variety of art, large and small, in several different media, and categories.

This year, Stephanie Grenadier, and her step-daughter, Stefanie Waite (collectively known as "the Stefphanies") collaborated on a photography project, a deeply personal one for Stefanie. The photo, entitiled, "Sister", received an honorable mention from the show's juror, Sean Fitzgerald.

The Blue Ribbon Member's Show derives its name from the fact that 4 works of art are chosen by the juror to receive Blue Ribbons, and this year Tim Waite had the honor of winning his first such award, for his multi-media piece, "compass". Sean Fitzgerald had this to say about the piece:

Intimate image, personal. The viewer is drawn into the “space”, in this case a box--could it be a shipping box, traveling saleman’s case? A child’s old 45rpm record player? Yet the use of wire causes the viewer to visually and physically stand back. The dial makes me think and feel a sense of linear time. Time taken, time spent...

firefly53 grand opening party

What's more fun than opening a crazy, new studio, where there are no rules? Having a bunch of the greatest people you know drop-in and share in the fun.

Stephanie and I really enjoyed having our family and friends there, to celebrate with us, AND to get in front of the camera! We are so honored to know so many great people!

what is this "firefly53"?

firefly53 studios is a collaborative effort from husband & wife creative team, Stephanie Grenadier and Tim Waite.

Stephanie and Tim wanted a way to focus on the things they love most, and put them all into one, funky, eclectic location. Stephanie brings her love of massage therapy, art, photography, and candle, lotion and soap-making. Tim brings his fascination for the visual arts, and his ability to teach others about digital photography and software related to digital photography.

Initially, firefly53 will focus on digital photography training, including software courses using Adobe imaging products, like Lightroom, Photoshop, and Photoshop Elements.