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Gift Certificate Help

If you're having trouble printing your gift certificate the problem is likely one of three things:

  • You don't have a plug-in capable of reading a PDF file. Gift certificates are generated in the very common PDF (Portable Document File) format, and might require your browser to have a plug-in installed that can read and display PDF files. One of the most popular PDF readers is the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • You need to update your PDF plug-in for your web browser. If you have an old version of a PDF reader, it might not be able to properly read, display, or print your certificate.
  • If your certificate displays properly, but prints gibberish, you may need to update your printer's drivers. Out of date printer drivers may not be able to properly read and print the certificate.

If you're having trouble with the "Pay now with credit card" button, you might need to clear your cookies for the PayPal web site. It has been reported that sometimes the cookies that PayPal installs may become corrupt, and deleting them may resolve the issue. All web browsers will allow you to remove specific cookies, and if you search the web using the name of your web browser with the words "remove specific cookies", you will find instructions on how to do this. Simply follow those instructions, and locate any cookies that have PayPal addresses in them, and remove them. Once you've removed all of the PayPal cookies, try again.

If you're having problems with the "Review and purchase your gift certificate!" button, you may be entering an invalid whole-dollar amount. Make sure you are entering numbers only; no dollar signs or decimal points!

If you are unable to resolve your problem using the information provided above, please use the contact us page, and describe your problem!

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