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Voucher for FREE 11x14" print from Panopticon Imaging, in Rockland!

Free print from Panopticon Imaging, in Rockland!

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have friends as amazing as Paul Sneyd and his team of talented professionals at Panopticon Imaging, in Rockland, MA.

Panopticon Imaging has been printing our work for a few years now, and for the last two or three years they have been offering all of our students, whether taking a course through South Shore Art Center, or firefly53, a free 11x14" print, on the paper of their choice.

No Pressure - No Trickery!

This is a gift that Paul gives to each student because he is a huge supporter of photographers and artists. There is no pressure to buy anything, and there are no hidden strings; Paul really is just that nice!

He and his team would love to have you as a customer in your future as a photographer, and they'll show you just how helpful and knowledgable they are. They use only archival paper, inks, and mats, for long-lasting prints. If you choose to have your free 11x14" print matted and framed, you will get a superior product, and the team at Panopticon Imaging will only be happy if you are thrilled with your purchase.

Panopticon Imaging has a solid, national reputation; they print film and digital images for many well-known artists and photographers, and they take the same kind of care with the new or beginning photographer as they do with their more well-known clients.

I have seen first-hand how much Paul and his team care about every single image that comes through their shop; I have worked on his team doing matting and framing when he needed extra hands, and I promise you that you will be treated like you are special, because you actually are special to them!

Here are just a few of the amazing photographers/artists that Panopticon Imaging regularly does work for (links open in a new browser window):

So please, if you take a course or workshop with us, take advantage of Panopticon Imaging's generous offer; they would be excited to meet you and bring one of your photos to life!

Panopticon Imaging
540 Union Street, Rockland, MA 02370